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Belard Combes :  - Belard Combes

Public or private shows : Europe, Japan, USA

Marie-Françoise Belard Combes has found in abstraction the freedom for her imagination.
She weaves universes (forms and landscapes) while directing the chance of creation, making her painting reflect the effects of time. She is in search of another world, invisible but tangible.
Whomever looks stays, enjoys, and takes their own voyage in the imaginary, establishing in every moment a new dialogue with the canvas.

Her paintings translate life: its energy, its paths, its search for a time that elates or soothes.
The artist transports the spectator in her own rhythm in a skillful magic of colors that has become a technique, with strong and refined tones, transparent glaze, and asserted graphism.
Her paintings can be considered as small portions of history. However, you should not look at her work and try to find something recognizable, but rather let yourself be caught by the trap set by the author.

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