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Didier Bécet :  - Didier Bécet

Year of birth : 1962
Public or private shows : Europe, Switzerland, USA

Since a very early age, drawing was always Didier Bécet's favorite pastime. But it was not until having finished his studies in the Orleans Institut d'Art Visuel that he discovered the ILM prestigeous studios in San Francisco and the Red Grooms workshops in New York. An idea then "lit up" in his head. A stroke of a genius: making 3D art.

He had previously drawn the logo of the French-Russian spatial mission of 1988, as well as the Finot of skipper Josh Hall for the "Vendee Globe". His style was then marked as very original. His monumental sculptures evoke, among others, women, cars, music...

But the artist does not rake his head. That is why, in a corner of his boiling brain, he conceives all his works before updating them and exhibiting them regularly in France and other foreign locations.

It is really nice: when you purchase a painting by Didier Bécet and hang it in front of your bed, you get up feeling good every morning. Is it stimulating... or revolutionary art?

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