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Fayer Domalas :  - Fayer Domalas

Year of birth : 1954
Public or private shows : Europe, Japan, Chile, India, China

Born in Algiers, painter Fayer Domalas made promising beginnings in Lorraine under the name of Dominique Malassene, where he was quickly well-known by his misty landscapes full of poetry.

A painter in constant search for the truth, he chose to establish himself in Spain, where in extasy, he discovered the light of Ampurdan, the country of Dali. Thus, to the misty lands of Lorraine follow the violent contrasts of Catalonia.

A man of fate, he came searching for the deepening of his works in the light of Spanish landscapes, and found a different light, the reflection of a spiritual dimension.

Today, a new light of hope characterizes the works of this landscape artist that finds inspiration in the "divine essence".

Whether it is the receptacle of a society in a spiritual search in a shaken world or simply the result of a personal experience, his exhibits provoke deep insights in all those spectators that know how to interpret them.

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