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> ARTIST PRESENTATION - Nathalie Lemaître

Nathalie Lemaître :  - Nathalie Lemaître

Year of birth : 1965
Public or private shows : Europe

Nathalie Lemaître has adopted a very personal style based on paper collage art - pages from books or newspapers - that provides the background and deep texture of her works in which her characters come to life.

Her strokes are generous, alternating transparency, brushed movements and rather opaque colors that reveal here and there images or printed letters.

Her colors are very warm and luminous, with symphonies of red and orange palettes.
Her faces have ambered tones, lit from within and countered by electric blues. Her pure whites bring a specific sparkle and add to a strange and warm atmosphere. She works in large formats and her technique and style grow in refinement and richness day by day.

Nathalie Lemaître advances with joy from exhibition to exhibition, with an ever-increasing number of collectors in France and abroad.

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