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Patricia Lysiane Beck :  - Patricia Lysiane Beck

Year of birth : 1961
Public or private shows : Europe, Switzerland

At times from the fields, but most often from behind her easel, Patricia Lysiane Beck loves to watch the colorful people that come and go in the universe of cafés, brasseries, and grand hotel lobbies. She reflects the incognito of these hushed atmospheres at tea time or dares to confront the busy moments of rush hour.

The decor of her operation theatres are often classy locations with a souvenir patrimony and a nostalgic elegance. She loves watching out for attitudes, comparing conversations... of commerce cafés and spying on seduction attempts, adventure premises...
Faint and misty lighting transpose the enchanting display of faces faded in unison.
Seen in thumbnails, the snapshots change from the charm of a fresh soul and the softness of the interpretation suggested by the imagination of the painter.

In the spontaneity of the stroke, Patricia Lysiane Beck reflects her enigmas on her paintings and leaves their unfolding in suspense, frozen in an image.
Spectator, the epilogue is up to you. It is your responsibility make the colors of history prevail!

Jean-Louis Avril

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